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If you feel like you want to and can support the activities of NGO HomeComing, then you have several possibilities to do that:

  1. Share information about us with your friends on social media.

  2. Contribute physically – participate as a volunteer in any NGO HomeComing activities, either once or regularly, for instance as a supervisor, organiser of some work segment, etc. Contact us at or +37205230 and let’s talk.

  3. Contribute financially – either with a one-time or regular donation to NGO HomeComing MTÜ LÕIMELEER account at EE252200221068488100, Swedbank, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X. Comment: Donation.

     Additional information​

Name of recipient: MTÜ Lõimeleer / NGO HomeComing

Receiver’s bank account number: EE252200221068488100


Recipient bank: Swedbank AS

Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn

Tel.: 6310 310

Fax: 6310 410


Register code: 10060701

VAT reg. No.: EE100354546


NGO HomeComing is registered in the list of the Government of the Republic of Estonia of non-profit organisations benefitting from income tax incentive (Tax and Customs Board decision No. 12.2-6/00189) and therefore physical and legal persons are applicable for income tax refunds from donations. For this purpose, a private donator needs to give their personal identification code to Limitations concerning donations exempt from income tax are set with the Income Tax Act (see more here). NB! Most countries have tax exemptions for donations but you need to research the laws of the place of your location.

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