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NGO HomeComing is registered as a non-profit organisation benefitting from income tax incentive as a non-profit organisation acting charitably and in public interest (Tax and Customs Board decision No. 12.2-6/00189).


Priit-Kalev Parts (born 1972) has a PhD in environmental protection (thesis topic – sustainable community management). Has worked at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy since 2005 as the Estonian native construction programme manager, lecturer and associate professor, has founded the Culture Academy’s peer-reviewed scientific journal Studia Vernacula and worked as its editor-in-chief from 2013 to 2017. Has led several development projects (Enterprise Estonia, LEADER, INTERREG) at the Culture Academy and in several civic associations. Since 2017, he works part time at the Culture Academy, also being active as an entrepreneur (OÜ Tuudevere Kordon).


Kaarina Ritson (born 1973) has a master’s degree in social sciences and works as the specialist for external funding of research at the Oslo Metropolitan University. Kaarina has also worked as a journalist, interpreter and translator. When it comes to community activities, Kaarina is one of the founders of the Estonian School in Oslo and was a member of the board of the Norwegian Estonian Association for several years. In summer 2019, Kaarina led the networking day event “Kids and youth camps in Estonia and abroad for Estonian kids living abroad” within the ESTO event (global days of Estonian culture). In the NGO’s daily operations, Kaarina mainly deals with communicating with Estonian organisations abroad, in addition to co-development of applications, public texts and public relations consultation.  

Eve Aasa (born 1981) is a youth worker at Saaremaa Youth Work Centre. He is currently studying for a master's degree in youth work organization at the Institute of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University. Eve organizes youth camps, chess and writes various projects in Saaremaa during the summer. Eve is also a traffic teacher and a yoga teacher at the local high school. In addition, contributes as a volunteerthe main in the work of mental health cafes and is a volunteer at the Social Insurance Board as a conflict mediator for restorative justice.
In the daily work of the NGO, Eve mainly deals with topics related to camp activities and on-site management of the camp.

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