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If you feel like you want to and can support the activities of

NGO HomeComing, then you have several possibilities to do that:

  1. Share information about us with your friends on social media.

  2. Contribute physically – participate as a volunteer in any NGO HomeComing activities, either once or regularly, for instance as a supervisor, organiser of some work segment, etc. Contact us at or +37205230 and let’s talk.

  3. Contribute financially - direct link for easy donation is HERE.

  4. Or contribute financially – either with a one-time or regular donation to NGO HomeComing MTÜ LÕIMELEER account at EE784204278621569800, COOP Pank, SWIFT/BIC: EKRDEE22. Comment: Donation.

     Additional information​

NGO HomeComing follows the Code of Conduct for Crowdfunding and has joined the Estonian crowdfunding network to promote good public engagement in Estonia. The organisations following the good public crowdfunding practice ensure that the principles for crowdfunding are easily understood by all parties and that the donations reach the needy.

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