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Lõimeleer invites you to camp: Christmas in the summer - yes, it's possible!
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NGO Lõimeleer


We are waiting for all old and new Lõimeleer friends to immerse themselves in the Estonian language and culture again in a fun camp form! Registration is open from today.

The theme of the camp this year is Christmas in the Estonian folk calendar, where during a period of ten days (17-26 July) we`ll learn about Estonian Christmas traditions covering the period between the Lute day and the Epiphany. The main character of the old Estonian Christmas season was not Santa Claus in a red coat, but rather a a person, dressed in a funny animal`s costume (jõulusokk), calling at houses between Christmas and New Year's Eve singing Christmas carols in exchange for sweets or a small gift. We`ll sing and play thematic games, gain Christmas-related knowledge and skills and try out everything ourselves in various practical workshops.

Lõimeleer is a summer camp that integrates Estonian youth and families abroad, returnees and multicultural people connected to Estonia. At the camp, you can communicate with your peers, learn a folk song-dance game, go for blueberries in the forest, scrub yourself clean in a smoke sauna, ride a horse and much more. There is no classroom-style learning. The working language is Estonian, but if necessary, we have also explained the activities in English, and we have always managed well that way. During the eight years of operation, children from the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Kazakhstan, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Great Britain, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway and, of course from Estonia, have participated in our camps. Many children come again year after year to meet old familiar children and educators. The recommended age group is 10-18 years.

Often parents would also like to take part in camp life and practice the Estonian language, as well as younger children, for whom nights in a strange place may seem too scary. For such an occasion, there is Perelõimeleer, where during the day the children go on adventures with other camp youth, and in the evening snuggle up with parents.

The camp will be held for ten days: July 17-26 (you can initially see the schedule if you click on the start date of the camp:
There is only one exchange this time, so whoever wants to get into the camp for sure should register early.
More information about prices and registration: or

NB! Discounted prices until the end of April!

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